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Our School

The vision of Smith Academy for Excellence stems from the belief that students should be provided with high quality academic and leadership skills that they can draw from as future community leaders. SAFE believes that these skills should be presented holistically in a positive learning environment. As students are provided with quality academic and character education, they will emerge from SAFE well prepared for post secondary education and equipped to be high quality, well rounded citizens who are primed to affect positive change in their community. 

The mission of SAFE is based on a holistic approach to education. Academic rigor is critical and is bolstered by character education and service learning as well as college preparation. SAFE collaborates with families, community partners and institutions of higher education as we fulfill our mission.

"At the previous school that my son attended, he was just not motivated to do his work or attend school. It was a struggle for me to get him to school every morning. [Now], his attitude about school and excitement to attend are reflected in his improved grades."

- SAFE Parent

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