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Special Programs

College Prep

SAFE is designed to prepare all scholars for college. The Academy utilizes dual credit courses, college visits and college mentors in this effort. SAFE collaborates with families, community partners, and institutions of higher education as we fulfill our mission. We use a rigorous academic curriculum to empower scholars to reach their scholastic potential. Dual-credit courses and the rigor of the core curriculum are integral in the effort to provide scholars with the tools they need to take their educational careers beyond high school and be lifelong learners.


Special Education

SAFE believes that all scholars can become proficient in skills that will make them academically successful. Therefore, we seek to find ways to help struggling learners. Scholars with disabilities are primarily mainstreamed into regular education classrooms taught by regular education teachers and co-taught and supported by a special education teacher. In the co-taught classroom, all scholars have access to the same curriculum. Teachers use appropriate instructional strategies to provide the support needed. The needs of exceptional learners are met through traditional and creative means.


English Language Learners

SAFE provides ELLs with the support they need while including them in the regular classroom setting. They receive instruction in English and are given as much support in their native language as necessary.


The academy uses ELL instruction that focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. Since “conversational language” is different than “educational language,” we strategically teach “education vocabulary.” This helps our scholars adapt to what they see in textbooks and hear in classes and prepares them for high stakes testing. Our goal is to help our ELL scholars become fluent and comfortable using the English language in all aspects of life, especially in the educational setting.

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