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Support SAFE

Smith Academy continually strives to offer scholars the highest quality academic and extracurricular programs and experiences possible. Some of these programs include dual credits, clubs, sports, field trips and internships. For these programs to be as enriching as possible, support from the community is vital. Please consider how you or your organization might be able to assist Smith Academy as we train our young men to be strong leaders!

If you would specifically like to donate to the building project, please note “Building Fund" when you make your donation.



As the academy works to provide scholars with an exemplary education as well as enriching life experiences, supplemental funding is necessary. Private and corporate donors have played a critical role in helping SAFE promote the success of our young men as they grow to be leaders in their community. The SAFE family greatly appreciates any donation offered to the school!

All donations are tax deductible.
(Online giving is exclusively for donations, not for meal account payments or any other payments to the school. For other payments, please contact the school directly.)



Members of the community and local organizations have played an important role in developing our young men through volunteer work. There are opportunities to volunteer with SAFE in several different areas including the following:​

  • Mentorship

  • Meal Program Assistance

  • Club Leadership

  • Teacher Assistance

  • Office Assistance

  • Service Projects

  • Fundraising

  • Coaching


If you are willing to offer your assistance in any area, please contact the school and indicate your preference. Thank you for your consideration!

Memorial Funds

Cathy Guntle Memorial Fund


Cathy Guntle was the proud mother of two Smith Academy Alumni, Noah (2016 Valedictorian) and Jacob (2017 Valedictorian). After discovering she had cancer, Cathy decided to stop homeschooling her children and find someplace where they could continue to get a good education as well as learn godly principles. Noah and Jacob's parents, Mike and Cathy, enrolled them in Smith Academy during its first year in existence.
Cathy passed away in June of 2014, after a courageous two and a half year battle with breast cancer.  To honor her legacy of service, generosity and love, her family has established the Cathy Guntle Memorial Fund.

​This fund is purposed to provide for the needs of the Smith Academy community including Christmas gifts for SAFE scholars and their families during the holiday season. In addition, this fund provides scholarship money to Smith Academy graduates.

If you wish to contribute to this fund, please be sure to sure to note “Guntle Memorial Fund” when you make your donation!

Dr. Hans N. Sheridan Memorial Fund


Dr. Hans N. Sheridan was the President of the Smith Academy for Excellence Board of Trustees from its opening in 2012 until he was laid to rest in 2016. Dr. Sheridan spent his career as an educator, coach and mentor. In retirement, he continued to tirelessly serve his community in many ways including serving on multiple boards and in several social clubs. Dr. Sheridan was also a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.
In honor of Dr. Sheridan’s commitment to leadership, scholarship and service, on behalf of his wife, Jeanne Sheridan, Smith Academy for Excellence has established the Dr. Hans N. Sheridan Memorial Fund.
This fund is purposed to help provide for the needs of scholars and families in times of difficulty.
If you wish to contribute to this fund, please be sure to sure to note “Dr. Sheridan Memorial Fund” when you make your donation!

Rev. D. Ronald Rutledge Memorial Fund


Rev. D. Ronald Rutledge was founding pastor of Fort Wayne Christian Center where he served for 25 years. He spent much time and energy trying to "turn the tide" of negative trends among Fort Wayne's youth by blending the message of Jesus Christ with the need for a quality education. So, it was with great satisfaction and praise to God that he embraced the vision of Smith Academy for Excellence. Unfortunately, due to his untimely death on February 14, 2012, Rev. Rutledge was unable to see the opening of the school, yet this educational entity burned passionately in his heart.

The Rev. D. Ronald Rutledge Memorial Fund has been set in place by his daughter, Ronnye Christina, to honor his memory by providing academic support to the brilliant young men at the academy.

​If you wish to contribute to this fund, please be sure to note “Rev. Rutledge Memorial Fund” when you make your donation!


Make A Donation

Make checks payable to:

Smith Academy for Excellence
725 W. Washington Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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