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Smith Academy for Excellence is led by an administrative team consisting of a School Leader, and two assistant School Leaders. Together, these administrators ensure that the school operates productively and efficiently.

Corey Smith
Co-Founder and School Leader

As School Leader, Corey Smith oversees and manages organizational, fiscal, and employment matters. He establishes a school culture of success supported by a climate that is conducive to high achievement.


Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Grace College and a Master of Education Administration from Grand Canyon University. He was a teacher in Fort Wayne from 2004 to 2012. During those years, he was a high school assistant basketball coach for girls for one year and for boys for three years. He held leadership roles as a teacher including Math Bowl Coach, Quality Improvement Team member, Thinking Skills Coach, and Leadership Team member. Mr. Smith piloted the Primary Years Program, International Baccalaureate’s elementary program, for his school and led the school through the process of adopting elements of that program.


Since 2012, Mr. Smith has been an administrator at Smith Academy, holding positions as Chief Academic Officer, Assistant School Leader and School Leader. He has received various honors including a 2017 Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly Forty under 40 Award.

Thomas Smith
Co-Founder and Assistant School Leader 

As Assistant School Leader, Thomas Smith helps manage instruction, assessment and discipline. He also helps oversee extracurricular activities and assists the School Leader in any capacity necessary to ensure a positive learning environment. He serves directly under the School Leader and manages the school if the school leader is out of the building.

Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from DePauw University and a Master of Arts degree in Education as well as 2 masters level certifications in Elementary Administration and Supervision and Secondary Administration and Supervision. He was a teacher for 15 years and has been an administrator for over 20 years. He has taught various grade levels from elementary through adult education.


In 1983, Mr. Smith was named the first minority varsity head football coach in Fort Wayne at Elmhurst High School. He was also the varsity head wrestling coach. During his time as a teacher, Mr. Smith held leadership roles as a Department Chair and Team Leader. During his time as an administrator, Mr. Smith helped establish the Alternative Learning Program in Fort Wayne. He was a leader in the Fort Wayne Community School district in various ways including leading the High School Reinvent Process, initiating the Freshman Community, and organizing and leading Curriculum Mapping for district high schools. He also served as the Summit Athletic Conference Commissioner. As a principal, Mr. Smith guided the staff of several schools to effectively improve both academics and behaviors. His including a high school of over 1,500 students, with nearly 30 nationalities and over 25 languages. He has shown the ability to provide for the needs of a myriad of minority populations. Mr. Smith has been a presenter for schools and universities as well as for organizations in other fields. These presentations have been given at the local, state, national, and international level including a presentation entitled, “How IB Curriculum Can Support and Enhance Learning in a Diverse Public High School,” at the International Baccalaureate Head Masters Conference in 2005.

Michael Muter
Assistant School Leader

As Assistant School Leader, Mr. Muter has the duty of assisting the School Leader with day-to-day operations of the school including the meal program, discipline, the physical plant and transportation. He also works closely with the community.


Michael Muter holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Taylor University and a Master of Science  in Guidance and Counseling from Indiana University. He also holds a Masters Level certification in Building Level Administration. He was a classroom teacher for several years. The majority of his education career was spent as an Elementary and High School Counselor. Mr. Muter held leadership roles as Counseling Department Head and School Improvement Team member. He was on the leadership team to implement a Sources of Strength wellness/suicide prevention program for his school. He is a QPR Gatekeeper suicide prevention trainer. He has been an administrator at Smith Academy since 2021. 

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